Newcastle Taekwondo - Martial Arts

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidance for Newcastle Taekwondo


The Corona Virus Disease 2019, or COVID-19, is a new disease that appeared in China at the end of 2019. It can affect the lungs, airways and kidneys in a similar way to flu. It is spread via droplets. We know it is present in saliva and sputum and is also likely to be present in sweat.

During the current pandemic, our main aim is to maintain your health and the safety of your contacts. As a practitioner of TKD you are considered to be at a lower risk of adverse effects of this virus, however this does not guarantee your safety nor that of the parents or grandparents you come into contact with outside the Dojang.

It is imperative that we do not contribute to the spreading of this disease, however maintaining the mental and physical health of all out students remains a priorityTherefore, in keeping with the recommendations from Public Health England, we are implementing the following precautionary measures.

No student will be allowed to participate if they have displayed any symptoms of cough, shortness of breath or fever within the last 48 hours. 

At all times, we will:

1. encourage all students to protect their personal health.
2. clean and disinfect all equipment used such as focus padsshields.
3. limit activities that require close contact, such as sparring. 
4. stay up to date on developments in the community and communicate updated recommendations to the school.

In return we will ask that you:

1. to be responsible for your own health and inform us of any ailments you may have. 
2. are responsible for ensuring that all equipment used (such as sparring equipment) is cleaned between every session and that your Dobok and t-shirts are washed at a minimum of 40°C between every training session (The COVID virus can survive outside the body on hard surfaces for 5 days and possibly longer)
3. bring your own water (do not share)
4. wash your hands before and after each class.

And if you are unwell, have asthma, diabetes, significant heart or lung disease, or are in close contact with elderly family or people in similar at-risk groups, you should not join a communal class until this pandemic is over. This does not need to stop you from practicing at home. 

As this is an unprecedented event, specific cases will be dealt with in case by case basis in consultation with medical advisor.

We will try to carry on TKD classes as long as possible and within the guidelines of the British Taekwondo Council (BTC) and Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB), and in conjunction with medical advisors.

This advice has been produced in conjunction with medical advisors