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All Students have their own BTC insurance at a cost of £38 per year. Keep it up to date.

Full details on the BTC website

British Taekwondo Council – Martial Arts Insurance

The British Taekwondo Council has secured on a member to member basis a Personal Accident and Third Party Liability Insurance for all its members, features include the following benefits;

Personal Accident

Death = £30,000.

Total and Irrecoverable loss of Sight of both eyes = £30,000.

Total and Irrecoverable loss of One eye = £30,000

Loss of two limbs = £30,000

Loss of one limb = £30,000

Total and irrecoverable loss of Sight of one eye and loss of one limb = £30,000

Permanent Total Disablement (Other than total loss of sight of one Or both eyes or loss of limb) = £30,000

Temporary Total Disablement = £80 per week per insured person Over 16 years of age.

To qualify for any of these benefits you must have submitted an insurance claims form to the BTC within 21 days of the accident and you must have been absent from employment or studies for a period of more than 2 weeks and proof of absence and loss of earnings will need to be supported by official paperwork.

The cover is for 52 weeks excluding the first 2 weeks.Please note that this cover does not cover compensation claims ,private health ,dentist or any other type of assistance not stated herewith.

All insurance cover is only available to British Nationals and students who have resided in the UK for longer than 6 months.

Third Party Liability Limit of Liability = £5,000,000.