Tigers is a part tae kwon-do and part games class.

The games are still focused on developing the strength coordination and skills needed by anyone who wants to grow into a well rounded athlete.

The tigers follow the same syllabus and grading system as the general classes but we have more fun along the way.

A typical class consists of the following:

1. Warmup with some running, sit-ups, press-ups, burpees and any other exercises the students request.

2. Stretching to avoid injury and to work towards being able to kick easily over head height. Those students who want to achieve the splits just need to repeat the routine at home.

3. The standard TAGB training syllabus (kicks, punches, blocks, sparring with and without contact).

4. Footwork drills, Kicking and punching drills to pads, self defence exercises.

5. And the best bit a GAME... sometimes 2.