Equipment available to order through the club

Head guard £32
Gloves £28
Foot pads £28
Shin pads £20
Groin guard for men £19
Gum shield £3*
Net bag £9.50*

Package offer
£115 (without groin guard)
£125  (with groin guard)

*higher quality ones can be purchased from any good sports shop

Next full hour sparring classes (bring your kit)
17th April
27th April 
9th May

You should bring you kit to every class along with your drink, etc. These sessions are sparring specific.

If you don’t have kit don’t worry we can do non contact or tagging elbows and knees. The kit is required to safely make contact in sparring. Ideally get it as soon as possible even as a white belt… making contact is fun and you learn distance and timing quicker. 


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