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This is not a fitness bootcamp where you do the same exercises each week. We take you through all of the belts from beginner through to black belt in the fast paced martial art of Tae Kwon-Do. This is a stand up martial art where you kick, punch and block fresh air, pads and people. There are two sides... the art where you perform specific moves either alone or with a partner and combat where there is less elegance and it is about winning. The contact is always light so don't worry this is suitable for all ages and abilities.

A typical class - warmup and stretching, linework practicing new techniques, group work and performance, pad work, bag work or sparring.   

We believe in honesty so this is the costs, and what it takes to get to earn that black belt.
The class will be on Wednesdays 7-8pm and costs £20 per month. Or you can attend some of our other classes on top and pay £30 per month if you want to progress quicker.

The other classes are Saturday 9:30am at Benfield School or Thursday 6pm at Kenton park sports centre.

All members need to pay for the £38 annual insurance provided by the British Taekwondo Council (our national governing body). Uniforms are £35 and are needed for any gradings or competitions.

Gradings cost £28 and are conducted by a 9th degree black belt grading examiner from the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain and earn you your next belt. the quickest you can get from beginner to black belt is three and a half years.The association www.TAGB.biz has over 20000 members with clubs up and down the country. If you move around allot there is a good chance you can find another club and continue your training.

Once you are a black belt this is where most say the training actually begins. Taekwondo is a sport that you can enjoy for a lifetime and help keep you flexible, strong and healthy.