There are 5 challenges for the next month. Challenge 2, 4 and 5 only work if you try your best every time you do them. Challenges are just repetition until you remember the moves.

Challenge 1 - Learn your new pattern

White belts - 4 directional punch 

Black belts - all 3 of your patterns

When you have the pattern ready to perform record it on video.

Challenge 2 - Improve your front splits and middle splits by 30%

Measure the height of your front and middle splits once a week. Do the stretches as shown in videos 3 times a week. if you start 30cm from the floor you want to be at 21cm to pass the challenge. Take a photo each week to record your progress.  

Challenge 3 - Know your set sparring 

White belts - 3 step 1&2

Other grades learn up to your grade

Challenge 4 - kick with correct technique and 6 inches higher

white to green belt - front, turning, side

green to black strips - side, reverse side, reverse turning

black - reverse turning, spinning hook, jumping reverse side, axe 

Challenge 5 - increase fitness by 30%

set a 2 min timer.

45 seconds - max press up

15 seconds - rest 

45 seconds - max sit up

15 seconds - rest 

45 seconds - max burpee

1 point per press up 

1 point per sit up

2 points per burpee

Add up your total score and beat it each time. the more often you do the test the fitter you become.